Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stemming the storm of information

My crockpot baked beans are not as good today as usual. I could blame Irene (the storm), but the truth is I forgot to cook the beans after soaking them. I forgot to cut the amount of brown sugar, too. Or maybe I put in too much; I don't really measure.

My husband, after 48 hours of listening to the radio and checking Twitter feeds, has finally reached his saturation point for hurricane coverage.He and I are different species when it comes to news. He wants every last detail. If I listened to the details I'd forget to cook the beans before baking them. And since I can do that without pummeling my brain with hurricane-force information, I only want the news that helps me function.

I want to know, for example, if we're supposed to evacuate. And whether our power station is located in a flood zone. And when the trains will be running again. If I get a gust of curiosity I can motion to my husband to remove his earbuds and ask, "What's the news on the latest raindrop?" He'll tell me; I don't have to go online to look it up. He's handy that way.

But generally speaking, I think it's more helpful to know that the 98-year old lady on the second floor's home aide can't make it in, and that the pharmacy has sold out of D batteries. It's useful to know that the line at the market runs out the door, and that the ATM is still functional.

I can't do much about the wind speed three states away. Except, of course, use my time in the long line at the store to pelt heaven with prayers for others.


  1. I tried crockpot baked beans a few months ago, and they were so lousy I gave up. But I've been thinking it might be time to try again.... would you share your recipe?

  2. Click on the link in the post. I use a lot of crockpot recipes from 365crockpot. She's gluten-free (I'm not, but like to reduce gluten intake without pain).