Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I was the shift manager for our CSA this afternoon. I walked up to the site and the sky started spitting. By the time I got there it was raining. And by the time the truck arrived with fresh vegetables, there was a downpour. It lasted two hours.

And it was a great afternoon. Volunteers showed up in droves to help out. The situation was so absurd -- we were drenched in a matter of minutes -- that we moved straight  past being annoyed into enjoying ourselves. Unload a truckload of containers? No problem. Figure out how to store cardboard boxes is the rain? We're on it. Help the people who are desperately trying to hold an umbrella and put three large handfuls of green beans into a bag, while steering a stroller? We're there.

By the time the second shift showed up my crew had raisin fingers and was beginning to shiver. At which point the sun broke through, the rain stopped, and we went home.My pants were so weighed-down with water I looked like a middle-aged hip-hop artist wheeling my granny cart of corn and squash and chard up the street. But I was happy.

Sometimes, even when you're an adult, rain can do that for you.


  1. Absolutely! I LOVE water and find it rather healing - whether at the beach, pool, shower, from the sky, - it's amazing. :)

  2. My daughter and I LOVED splashing through the park to get our veggies yesterday too. Something about a summer rain (without lightening) that is so refreshing and even therapeutic to the soul. And we were doubly happy that we didn't need to water our plants on the roof. As she said, "God watered our plants for us today, Mama!"