Friday, August 26, 2011


I am supposed to lead a program for kids tomorrow (before the hurricane hits) on what plants are in our park that were around in the time of the dinosaurs. My printer is not cooperating. It is old and cranky. It is making me feel old and cranky, too. Or maybe that's just my latest excuse; I've aged out of pregnancy-crankiness, sleep deprivation-crankiness, kids-with-tantrums crankiness, and many other fine modes of rationalization.

Whatever, I'm feeling ornery. I don't feel inclined to talk myself out of it, either. Maybe if I go kick the printer I will feel better.

Maybe that's not a good idea. Maybe I'll just write about wanting to go kick the printer.

Maybe it will start to rain early and the program will be cancelled.

Maybe I'll turn off the printer, and it will work again.

Or duh! -- I almost forgot! -- I'm a mother. I know how to pivot, to adapt, to come up with another solution.

How about coming up with a Plan B that doesn't involve printing?

Heh heh. It's smart, it's tricky, and it just might work!


  1. I've been thinking of your family as I've listened to the dire predictions today. Hope (and pray) you ride out the storm safely.

    I've kicked a few printers in my day, metaphorically speaking.

  2. I agree with Kathy, you've been on my mind and prayers for safety.

    Don't we all have printer stories? When our oldest two kids were in high school our printer was challenging. Often the kids were running over to the neighbors to borrow theirs for the last minute completed school report. Sometimes the neighbor kids scrambled to our home to borrow ours. We felt thankful for great neighbors....and eventually the kids learned to not put off reports. : )

  3. Dear Julia,
    We need a report concerning
    how the storm affected your
    By the way, we still remember
    our adult son carting his printer
    through the house and dumping
    it--in a very satisfying fashion
    to HIM-- on the street!
    Of course the printer got the
    last word because there were the broken
    pieces to retrieve!
    Hugs, Shirley