Saturday, April 10, 2010


Our local park had a wildlife appreciation day today, featuring animals found in city parks, so I took Little Guy up to see what was there.

The inventory (alive): three kinds of owls, a red-tailed hawk, a baby squirrel with his eyes still unopened, a de-scented skunk, five kinds of turtles, and an opossum.

There were also pelts and skulls of coyotes and raccoons, and a stuffed wolf. (There's an active coyote population a couple of miles away, and a coyote was seen within five blocks of here a couple of months back.)

We have some big Pogo fans around here, and Little Guy was so excited about the opossum that he had to call Andrew up in Cambridge on the cell to tell him he'd met Pogo!

There's something kind of funny about when a child's reality begins with a comic strip, and then extends out to real life. So now Little Guy knows what an opossum looks like. He is very happy.

The copyright on the cartoon belongs to the inimitable Walt Kelly. It's one of my favorite snippets.

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  1. Zeke was watching Looney Tunes cartoons recently and I winced at some moment of barbarity. Zeke: "It's okay, Mom, it's CARTOON violence. It's not real."