Thursday, April 22, 2010


Little Guy has been slower than I anticipated at mastering addition and subtraction facts, and as he seemed to be stuck in the doldrums for quite a while, last week I did the old trick of making it easier by making the work harder. Instead of waiting for him to get all the single-digit facts quickly, we moved to double digits. He's happier, and working harder now. (Shhh! He hasn't noticed he's getting twice the practice now that he's using bigger numbers.) I taught him to carry, too, because if you're going to add 8+7 you might as well know how to do it within 38+27.

Today during math time Little Guy got sidetracked playing the Two-Host Tapeworm Game that's in What's Eating You?: Parasites -- The Inside Story, which we borrowed from the library yesterday. So today's math looked like this:

We couldn't find two dice, so every time Little Guy needed to roll the one he had he shouted, "DIE! DIE!" But math sure went quickly.

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