Friday, April 2, 2010

An utterly unprecedented event

Last night I took Eldest and Dancer to Maundy Thursday services. Andrew was home with the other kids, but had a cold and apparently slept all evening. I knew that without parental supervision the chances that anyone would actually be in bed (other than Andrew) when I got home were non-existent.

I got home at 10pm, and as I unlocked the door I could hear raucous laughter and running water. Huh? The boys were in the kitchen, washing the dishes!

Yes, you read that right. They were washing the dishes and no one had asked them to do it. Big Guy decided that with dad sick and mom coming home late, he ought to clean up the kitchen. And since Little Guy had been squabbling with Snuggler, Big Guy whitewashed the dishtowel, as it were, and conned him into helping out. The two of them were having a grand old time.

The moral: Never say never. If you'd told me it could happen here, I would have given you that tell me another one, and it had better be good look that only a parent can master.

Washing the dishes without being asked. Amazing.

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