Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Two little things that make my day better

1. A while back I signed up to receive the word of the day. They come up with some amazing vocabulary. This past week's choices included:

terriculament   n. a cause of fear, v. to inspire with groundless fear
aplustre   n. the ornament rising above the stern of ancient ships
and my favorite:
snarge   n. the remains of birds that have collided with airplanes.

As a word lover, it gives me ridiculous pleasure to learn terms I don't know. There's clearly a lot left in the dictionary for me to discover!

2. I've also been visiting Head for Art, a blog that features commentary on a different piece at the National Gallery each day. One of my vague regrets in life is that I never took art history in college (I figured it would be easy enough to learn all that on museum tours after I graduated). Absorbing it in little bites, a picture at a time, gives me something to chew on without having to swallow with a gulp. I'm liking that.


  1. I never took art history either; I was convinced I wouldn't be able to stay awake when they dimmed the lights to show the slides. And I regret it, too.

  2. This is a nice Wordnik list: