Friday, October 16, 2009

Some Changes

I'm guessing that Google is smart enough so that those of you who get this blog via a feed don't get a second copy when I edit a post. If not, my apologies for the spate of updates. I'm spending some time today going back through old posts to replace real names with vaguer ones.

Here's the new list of personalities in the family, and their names on this blog:

Eldest: Loves math, physics, Star Wars, literature, and opera. She's 15.
Big Guy: Likes Gilbert & Sullivan, history, being silly with his siblings, and UFOs. He's 13.
Dancer: My extrovert. Likes being with friends, reading, and ballet. She's almost 11.
Snuggler: An artist and big-hearted kid. Age 8.
Little Guy: A 3-way cross between Dennis the Menace, Thomas Edison, and Calvin (of Calvin & Hobbes) Coming up on 6.

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