Friday, October 30, 2009

Odds and Ends

  • True confession: I forgot to go to parent-teacher conferences today. Eldest says it's no big deal, she's doing fine. I guess she's right, but still... 
  • Believe it or Not: Last week I was about to cross a very busy one-way street, when a small truck started backing up -- fast! -- in the opposite direction. On the side was painted the business' name: The Collision Experts.
  • Presidential math: The president was in town a couple of weeks ago. We were heading toward ballet to drop off Dancer when the police started putting up barricades at the end of the street. We slipped through just in time. If we hadn't gotten out then, we would have had to wait 20 minutes for the motorcade to pass. On the way home, our applied math problem of the day was to calculate how much the police coverage cost. There were 8-10 officers per corner, 10 corners, and we assumed $50/hour/officer for a 24-hour stay. It's a lotta money!
  • Did you know: that the president's limo is flown wherever he goes? Upon reflection it makes sense, at least inasmuch as it saves a lot of time in security checks. I verified this and other cool facts about Air Force One at How Stuff Works. 
  • Time to work: I have a massive deadline on Monday, so I'll see you on Tuesday!

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  1. My Dad always said ... look both ways, even if it's a one way street. (Glad you avoided collision.)