Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One app done

Last night Eldest had the happiest click of her life, as she hit 'submit' for her first college application. It's an early admit app, non-binding.

We read a book by Harry Bauld called On Writing the College Application Essay: Secrets of a former Ivy League admissions officer. I mention it because it's superb, and has perhaps the best examples of how to edit that I've ever seen in print. It's worth reading just for high school writing, and definitely worth reading in advance of senior year.

Eldest slaved over the essays, going through perhaps six or seven drafts. Kudos to her for her perseverence! We discovered it was easier for her to take comments from Mom if I wrote them in an email than if we had a conversation. As Eldest said, "It feels that you're talking about the piece then, instead of talking about me!"

Today's her midterm in her college math course, worth something like 30% of her grade.Then it's on to the Intel paper, an SAT II, more college apps, and life.

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