Monday, October 19, 2009

The invention box

Today I had to go to Eldest's school to host a breakfast for the parents' association. I brought Little Guy with me. He was the only child there amidst 50 adults; the program took 90 minutes.

Fortunately we brought along Little Guy's invention box. Its contents this morning included two large sheets of aluminum foil, several dowels, paper clips, two kinds of tape, a marker, a notepad, some empty medicine vials, and an assortment of odds and ends.

Little Guy spent the whole time happily constructing a) a mini playground, b) a catapult, c) a plane made out of paper and coffee stirrers (his eyes lit up when he spied them on the table), and d) a set of robots designed from coffee cups.

As a reward for his extraordinarily good behavior, I took him to the dollar store and let him choose something to add to his invention box.  Here's what he selected:

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