Thursday, October 29, 2009


Yesterday I had another meeting out at Eldest's school. I brought Little Guy along, as usual. This time I brought three things for his entertainment: duct tape (his favorite substance in the world), a plastic cup, and some of those dissolve-in-water packing peanuts that can be used to make sculptures.

Reminder to self: duct tape is VERY LOUD coming off the roll.

On a related issue, I once described to Little Guy a picture I'd seen, in which a person had been taped to a wall with duct tape. This is the kind of thing that just entrances him. The other day we bought a new  roll of duct tape, and no sooner had we walked out of the hardware store than Little Guy piped up, "Mom, can you put me in that cool duct tape time-out now?"

It's a thought.

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