Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We survived camping in the cold, but seem to have picked up a stomach bug while away. It hit Little Guy and me at exactly the same time. He had a milder version; I'm still slowly recovering. I was about 23 hours into it when I mentioned I was sick on Facebook, and within an hour my amazing friend Liz brought over homemade chicken broth (for me) and Arthur Avenue ravioli (for the rest of the family). I'm still another 12 hours from solid food.

It stinks to be sick, but everyone -- even the dog -- has been great. Amsterdam slept on the floor next to me all night, licking my foot whenever it drooped off the sofa. Mostly the past day is a blur, but I feel cared for. And now it's time to go back to sleep. Writing this is the longest I've sat up all day.


  1. That's not the kind of souvenir to bring home from camping.