Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Scouting Kiss Me Kate

Snuggler's production of "Kiss Me, Kate" opens on Friday. I'm looking forward to it. Well, except I won't be here. Bad mom. A while back I promised to take Little Guy to the Cub Scout campout, which was supposed to be last weekend but then got rescheduled. I didn't figure out we had a conflict until last Tuesday.

We told Snuggler, and she gave us the green light to go camping. I am sure hoping my generous-hearted girl doesn't regret that! We should be back in time for Sunday's matinee, and there are four more performances next weekend, so we'll definitely get to see her do her thing.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering: What was I thinking to say I'd go camping in March? At least it's in cabins (unheated). Which reminds me: I need to borrow a sleeping bag. I'll probably remember that on Thursday night when I'm working backstage at dress rehearsal for "Kate" (to assuage my guilt over not being here for the show) and it's too late to do anything about it.

*        *        *         *        *

Little Guy sold his entire box of 50 chocolate bars in three days. It's a fundraiser for the Scouts. I took him down to the lobby one night around 6pm, and he nabbed all the dads on their way home from work. We also went to selected neighbors in the building.

That got rid of half of the candy. The other half sold in 20 minutes when Little Guy and Snuggler went out to the schoolyard after school let out. They were mobbed by 6th graders, who apparently have cash on hand. Demand was so strong that Little Guy promised to come back this week with more chocolate. He did that today, and sold 46 candy bars. It's not that he's a salesman. But he does recognize a market when he sees it.

*        *        *         *        *

Snuggler has enjoyed being in this musical. She is the youngest age permitted for the 'big kids' production, and being low on the totem pole has its advantages: at least she doesn't have to wrangle first graders. She also gets to sing in harmony. That is helpful because she has a low voice for a girl, and always feels strangled by soprano parts.

The rehearsal schedule is a beast, though. She was at the theater on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday for a minimum of four hours. She had today off, and dress rehearsal is tomorrow from 5-9:30. I'm in awe of the high school kids -- some of whom attend extremely rigorous schools -- who have three hours of homework after rehearsal is done, and have to be at school each morning at 8am.  

UPDATE: Thanks to Rebecca, we have a sleeping bag! Rah!

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  1. You are going to have so much fun!!! Hopefully your sleeping bag is a 20 degree bag. If it is not, you may want to toss in an old comforter, or zip yours and Stephens together to share body heat. I love camping with the Boy Scouts (my son is 14 now), but my favorite campouts were the Cub Scout family campouts. Silly skits and smores are the best! I hope you have great weather and that your fellow campers are cheerful.