Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cheesed off

I stalked out of the house this afternoon and promptly ran into a neighbor. Sometimes it's good to run into people when you're mad, because you realize you need to tone down your anger in order to appear... well, reasonable. Which isn't how you're feeling.

It was a stu[id thing: I went to make burritos for dinner and there was no cheese. I bought a full pound of sharp cheddar yesterday afternoon, and it was gone. Eaten. Which meant that my plan for tonight was shot, and so was my grocery budget. Again.

In defense of the person who finished the cheese, I had not said it was needed for dinner. My mistake. If you have a meal policy which requires your offspring to forage between breakfast and dinner, you can pretty much guarantee that your ingredients will disappear. I should know that by now.

I guess I need a different strategy. Or a bigger grocery budget. Or a published list of ingredients I'll be using over the next few days. Or...?


  1. Time to cordon off a section of the fridge? Mine! If you purloin my ingredients there will be no dinner!

  2. We have a list on the refrigerator of foods that can be eaten any time in any amount without asking (it consists mainly of fruits and vegetables). It saves a lot of worry for all of us.

  3. What is it about cheese? I can't keep it in my fridge either! I've seen my husband stand at the counter and eat half a block, just like that. Hey, that was for tomorrow! But what can you say to the big cheese? ;-)

    I tend to agree with Magpie and Cici. Especially for those expensive items, make a list of okay items and a list of those you may be saving for something. Then, if you don't use them for some reason, maybe you can have a little family party with the saved item as a reward for patience and family spirit.

    BTW, this reminds me of a Tim Parks story about a father in Italy who had ten kids and used to measure the salami with a pencil, but you probably don't want to go there...


  4. My mom would hide things she wanted to save at the bottom of the veggie drawer where we would never look!

  5. Like Arie's mom, I use to hide things too; actually I still have to do that at times because of my husband, not kids! LOL Anyway, I do have a quick suggestion. I follow a diet program which counts points (guess which one!) and when I get home from grocery shopping I write the points on packages so I know at a glance what I should/should not eat. With that thought in mind I wonder if when you get home from grocery shopping if you used a marker and made a big X on packages you need for recipes if that would help!?