Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shakespearean cursing

We watched Kiss Me Kate this weekend, and Little Guy fell in love with the gangsters. He has been warbling "Brush up your Shakespeare" for days.

Tonight while cleaning out some bookshelves I happened across this gem, which I bought a decade ago when my three eldest were in The Tempest.

Thy Father Is a Gorbellied Codpiece: Create over 100,000 of Your Own Shakespearean Insults

It's a flap-book, one of those with each page divided in thirds so you can mix and match the parts. Little Guy has been happily constructing Shakespearean curses for an hour.

All you artless barren-spirited arch-villians, beware! This could be useful on the subway...

1 comment:

  1. I printed out one of those Shakespeare curses crib-sheets and gave it to The Offspring. Next thing I knew he was trying it out on The Mate, who was Not Amused. Whoops.