Friday, January 13, 2012

Happiness for Dancer

Stage one of the high school results came in today, with good news: Dancer was admitted to both of the Catholic high schools to which she'd applied. One came with a nice-size scholarship and an invitation to interview for a 4-year, 2/3 tuition scholarship. The other -- her first choice school, more selective -- came with an invitation to sit for the scholarship exam next week. We need a goodly amount of financial aid, so if you're a praying person, please help us out with a request!

I am glad for Dancer. Proud of her, too. And relieved that we have at least two good choices for high school. The public school placements won't be announced until some time in February, probably after the deposit is due at these schools. Hopefully the scholarships will be sufficient to make a decision on what to do without too much angst.


  1. OH, my goodness, how did I know?! As a new reader of your blog, I just knew DA was on her list! My daughter is graduating this spring and I have to tell you, it was the best choice we ever made! The religion teacher, Ms. Sudeikis, is great and totally orthodox and the academics are fantastic. That school gets girls into some of the best colleges in the country.
    Now for the tough part: I know the scholarship exam and I'm pretty sure that only some are invited (via merit; if you have high grades, which my daughter did) but only maybe one scholarship is awarded? I know; it's almost impossible as there are so many smart girls who apply there, but to be fair, it's not one of the more expensive private schools in NYC (you know, the $25k+ ones). It's considered cheaper.

    But I do have to say: do you remember this?:

    That's one DA grad interviewing another!

    It really is that good. I'll pray, too, that it all works out for you!
    ~Westchester mom