Thursday, November 17, 2011


Tomorrow I am going on retreat. Two and a half days of silence.

Imagine it.

I imagined it for fifteen years before I actually went, and then it was only because Dancer's godmother made a reservation for me a year in advance. I didn't go last year, and am looking forward to it, desperately. If you've got prayer requests and send me an email before noon on Friday, I'll bring'em along.

I'll be bringing paper and pencil and not much else.

See you on Monday.


  1. Julia,

    I've read Daily Guidepost every day for the past four years. I enjoy reading about your family and your spiritual journey.
    Please pray for my daughter, Dana. She is five and half months pregnant. She has bronchitis and an ear infection. She has been sick for a month unable to take the antibiotics needed due to the pregnancy. She is expecting our first grandbaby, a girl, Lea Grace. Dana has been put on bed rest until she recovers. Pray for her complete recovery and protection for baby Lea.
    You have my sincerest thanks.

    Til next time...God bless you.

    If you ever have time please visit my humble little blog about my corner of the world. It is

  2. Praying that you will find strength in this retreat, of a type that lasts far longer than the weekend. Enjoy!

  3. Will pray for you this weekend. I want a retreat, too, but the silent part daunts me.

  4. We all need times for quite and renewal. I hope
    your time away enhances your inner peace.

  5. I have been dreaming about doing something like that, but probably not for quite 15 years yet. Peace.

  6. As you calm yourself and find your center in the Lord, please pray that I might do so as well. I can't seem to rest in Him and the promises I know are truth.
    Have a wonderful time apart.

  7. "Two and a half days of silence."

    Sounds like something that would be next to impossible for me. Perhaps if I could take along ventriloquist dummy?

    Best wishes!

  8. I hope you return refreshed and renewed from your time in the silence.