Saturday, November 5, 2011


The latest addition to our family. He's half-lab, half-golden. Ten months old, about 50 pounds, pretty mellow but very affectionate. And housebroken!


  1. Congrats! Now get everything you don't want chewed off the floor....

  2. heh heh... we've already succeeded in getting rid of ONE stuffed animal!

    The kids are in love. He's a good dog.

  3. The housebroken part is a winner; my little Chloe is not quite there yet but she is only 5 months old. Puppies bring a lot of joy. Enjoy him and what an adorable name. Who picked out the Amsterdam?

  4. Welcome, Amsterdam!
    My husband and I always
    wondered how you would housebreak
    a doggie, while living on the third (?)
    floor. However we're beginning to
    admire you as some sort of magician
    for managing the life that you have!
    We decided that, somehow, that aspect
    would work out also!
    Happy belated birthday to Andrew!
    Big hugs,

  5. Are you going to tell us about the name choice?

  6. He came with the name, and we liked it better than anything we could think of. It goes well with Attaway, no?

    Nicknames thus far: Hamster and Amster-beep!

  7. Dogs, especially sweet young ones, always remind me of that scene in "Up" when the dog says "I have only just met you and I LOVE you" Amsterdam looks like that kind of dog and I'm sure the kids feel the same way back. Enjoy!

  8. You're right. Amsterdam DOES work with Attaway.

  9. "Amster-beep". Priceless!! Those are great family dogs.