Sunday, November 27, 2011

Questions, questions

It's quiet this morning. I got up early, because I'm teaching a class for kids today on how animals in our local park get through winter, and needed to do a bit more thinking.  
      Why do some birds migrate, and others stay?
      Well, what do birds need to stay alive?
      What do birds eat?
      Are all those things around now?
      So which birds can stick around? The ones who eat...
      We see geese flying south, but not songbirds (even though they migrate). Why?
      How do birds know which way is south?

I like this kind of work, because it pushes me to think like a kid, and to break info down into questions which get kids thinking.

There are other kinds of things I don't like thinking through so much:
      Why is this child this upset?
      What would help him most?
      Is what's best for the short term the same as for the long term?
      What can I do that will make things better? Worse?
      Am I solving the problem for the child, or helping the child solve the problem?
      He's not hearing what I'm saying. What's another way of saying it?

Do you sometimes wish you could press the MUTE button in your brain?

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