Sunday, October 31, 2010

Shakespeare and Spock, on Halloween

Hamlet, at age six (with Yorick)

Lady MacBeth, at age nine. Thoroughly mad, but too young to want to say 'damn' spot, so it was just 'Out, spot!"

Captain Spock, at age eleven.

Hamlet with his friends Scooby-Doo and a Star Wars denizen, before the start of the Halloween parade. Hamlet's friends didn't know who he was, so he introduced himself to everyone as "I'm Hamlet, prince of Denmark." Only one adult responded, "Something's rotten over there, prince!"


  1. Mom. It's Commander Spock, or Mr. Spock.
    I'm the Captain. Gosh, you're so embarrassing sometimes.

  2. great costume work by your gang of three! love the juxtaposition of Scooby and Hamlet in the photo.....