Saturday, October 16, 2010

A brief update

Snuggler said the other day, "Writing is like taking medicine." Some days that is so true. Some days things flow, and the brain ticks along cooperatively, and there's a sense of artistry and immense satisfaction in your work. Other days -- meh.

Today I made progress. Real progress. I sent in the beginning of the book, and after taking a brief break to work on a completely unrelated project (deadlines are stacking up around here like landfill), I am closing out my work day by... writing.

Things I've been thinking about:
  • Junk mail. We don't get much, because we don't buy much. But I equate toy catalogs with  math, because every time one arrives Little Guy creates a wish list and then adds up the prices. It always totals more than he has, so then it's subtraction time. Ultimately he decides that he'd rather not spend his money... until the next catalog comes in.
  • High schools. The listing of public high schools in this city is the size of a phone book. Most can be eliminated as possible places to attend simply by looking at the graduation rate. Dancer is in 7th grade, and ballet puts a serious crimp in how many schools we can visit. So we're starting a year early, to narrow down the options.
  • Dogs. We're supposed to have a home visit from a Bichon Frise rescue group soon. Then hopefully we'll be adopting a dog soon. I think that's good news.
  • Pumpkins. Pet peeve of the week: it ticks me off that you can't cook most of the pumpkins that are for sale these days. It says something about our society that we value decorative pumpkins more than cookable ones.
  • White and Nerdy. This is one of Eldest's favorite songs, and her a capella group sang it today as part of a concert, to great appreciation. Wish I coulda been there. If you don't know the song, you can watch Weird Al's version online.
  • Sleep. Good night!

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  1. I've heard that most pumpkin in cans is really butternut squash.