Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We had a plot twist in the Big Guy saga yesterday. It's good news on one level, but hard news on another. Kind of like trading a cluster migraine for a perforated ulcer. In keeping with the general theme of the past week, there are strong mixed feelings everywhere we turn.

As that was unfolding, I took my four other children to the beach. It's a long, long trip, but the beach wasn't crowded, the weather was perfect, and the water was calm. I sat under the umbrella and let the background noises of waves crashing and seagulls squawking and little kids (not mine) crying and accented calls of Cold beer! Corona! soothe my soul. The sounds of a jazz band playing 1940's hits drifted in from the boardwalk.

At certain junctures there is something nice about being among people without having to talk to them. I read a book, and let life waft about me, and for a while I was lifted up into the realm of normal.


  1. Good on the beach day.
    Hoping for better on the Big Guy saga.

  2. Glad the rest of you got to the beach, and you got some calm. You're all in all our thoughts.