Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Advancing technology

We stopped at Goodwill today and bought a 1985-era television. Not to look at, but to take apart. After struggling with the screws to get the screen off, Little Guy removed the lid and gasped, "Look at how BIG that circuit board is!"

He'd never seen an 5"x 7" board before. It sure looked big and clunky! After clipping off a pile of wires we were able to remove it. A while later Little Guy brought the board in to me and flipped it over. "Mom! Did you see all these resistors?" I made appropriate oohing and ahhhing noises.

I ventured to ask, "What are all those other things? The big ones."

"Oh, those are capacitors."

Go, Little Guy! I'm telling you, that Electronic Snap Circuits  set is worth having around!


  1. Honestly Mom, you can't recognize a capacitor? For shame!

    It's a REALLY pretty circuitboard.

  2. LOVE IT! A little tinkering with a 501-set and maybe he can make that board sing...? :-)