Sunday, June 13, 2010

Exhaling, at last

Last week, glancing over my shoulder at my date book, someone asked, "How do you do it?"

The same way we all do: I don't think about it too much. You can't stop to contemplate everything that needs to be done, or else you crash. Fact: sometimes a 'one day at a time' mindset is decidedly ambitious.

The sad truth is, my brain isn't anywhere near big enough to process all the things that have to happen in a given day. I compensate by handling things the way I would with a preschooler: I break the day down into manageable segments, so I can focus on one main thing at a time. First put away the green blocks, then the blue blocks...

The happy news is that Dancer did a splendid job at the gala. She shared the bill with some big names in ballet, and though I was not there to see her (at megabucks a ticket!), other people we knew were. She was happy.

Little Guy had his acting debut last night, at almost the exact same time Dancer was finishing her performance. He was a frog, a grizzly bear, and a goblin. I was ridiculously proud of him for overcoming his shyness and getting up there. Snuggler was in the same show (her fifth production), and was a superbly sassy frog.

Now we have no more rehearsals until Thursday. Then it's 8th grade graduation for Big Guy on Friday, and only two performances of the play next weekend. Ahhhhhhhh!

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