Friday, June 25, 2010

Congrats, Eldest!

Today was Eldest's last full day of high school. She goes in on Monday to get her report card, but that's it. No graduation (she applied to college as a junior), no yearbook (she'll buy next year's edition), no party (I offered). Just a normal day, the last of its kind. I think she has some mild regrets about this unusual path, but nothing substantial. She's off playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends tonight.

I guess congratulations of some sort are in order, no?

Eldest, you survived.
You showed up regularly, and on time.
You figured out the difference between their standards and your standards, and set the bar where you wanted it to be.
You made friends.
You learned how to be a friend.
You chose to be generous in helping others who were struggling academically.
You discovered some of your weaknesses (that's a plus -- at least you know!)
You were yourself, through and through.
Your teachers admire you.
Your friends think you have character.

I know I'm just your mom, and that I'm supposed to say nice things about you. You make it easy to do that. Even if you were someone else's kid I'd exclaim over what an interesting person you're becoming.

Happy last (real) day of high school. I love you.

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