Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Working on working

I am beginning my job hunt. Our homeschooling is done, the kids (all but one) are set to enter school for next year; my offspring are soon to be scattering to do summer-type things, and... it's time.

What am I looking for? I want to join an organization where people are working toward something, where hard work is a given but folks know how to laugh. I have eclectic interests: mental health, how to spark interests in kids, understanding the practicalities of making real change in the world, finding efficiency in systems and services, figuring out how to get a message across so that it sticks and people act on it, teaching resilience, and on and on.

I would love to learn from colleagues, and work with people who are more interested in solving problems than stoking egos. I am not interested in large corporations, finance, entertainment, start-up tech firms (though Games for Good kinds of groups would be right up my alley), glitz or pop culture.

My background is in marketing. I can write and edit and do basic social media. My work has ranged from managing a French culture guide to writing grants for the Dominican Friars, and covered topics as diverse as bipolar disorder and how to improve your prayer life. Anyone who reads this blog knows I have a special spot in my heart for struggling parents.

Many of my signature strengths don't show up in the verbiage on a resume. These include:

  • putting my finger on the right questions to ask; 
  • seeing the box, so it's possible to think outside it;
  • making complex ideas seems simple;
  • keeping long-term goals in sight while working on short-term projects;
  • thinking up many solutions, without getting tied to one;
  • juggling knives, bowling balls, and the occasional cat (without hysteria);
  • expressing practical but genuine compassion;
  • integrating ideas from a wide range of disparate sources and disciplines; and
  • being game to try things I don't know how to do.
If you know someone who's looking for someone like me, pass this on and let me know. 

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  1. I wish resumes included the super human workings of moms everywhere. That's where the impressive abilities shine! Juggling without hysteria should have a bullet point of it's own. I wish you well in your search.