Friday, June 1, 2012

Superwoman, Shmuperwoman

I'm at my Wellesley reunion this weekend. Snuggler is here with me.

I didn't go to my first college reunion, because I felt I wasn't amazing enough yet. (Yeah. Okay, laugh.) Then I didn't go because I hadn't kept in touch with many people, and didn't know who I'd talk to.  I went once in a swirl of offspring, and don't remember much other than spending a night in the ER with Big Guy, who cracked his head open at the Boston Children's Museum.

This year I wanted to come, because it occurred to me that instead of thinking about reunion as a place to revisit old friends, I could look at it as a way to discover new and interesting ones. Also, I think I've finally purged the last of my desire to think I ought to somehow be Superwoman.  So this evening I offer you...

Five reasons I don't want to be Superwoman

1. I don't want to spend that much time on my hair.

2. Relationships aren't so good on the fly.

3. Impermeability isn't as good as growing strong the old-fashioned way.

4. Who wants to hang out with you if you're perfect?

5. I want to have more to show for myself than skin.

More to come, in the next episode... (though you can add your own reasons, too!)


  1. In my "real life," I have so much support for the choices I've made about staying home with children, etc. I saw a professor at a memorial service last year, and he was slightly appalled that we're adopting a 4th child. His exact words were, "That will be enough then, right?" So those are the kinds of things I don't look forward to at reunions . . . the world view that says only achievement and wealth equal success. I do have college friends who believe otherwise, but it's dismaying to me that I seem to be able to celebrate others' paths in life, while some people (especially women who think I ought to be doing "more" with my life) don't seem to extend the same grace to me. I will be going to one day of my reunion though -- so I appreciate this post!

  2. I've been meaning to say for several days now that I really like reason No. 2!