Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Huh. Really?

Oh, I am SO in over my head! As a favor to a friend I agreed to coordinate a political debate. Yeah. Me.


And, uh, these are candidates for Congress. Of the United States. And they're all from a party I rarely vote for.

You may ask... well, you may ask whatever you want, but don't expect me to know the answer. I am so far outside my comfort zone I can barely wave to it. But this is how we grow, yes? This is how we learn new things. Oy.

Okay, so at least I'm not moderating the debate. (I was asked, but refused.) Someone from the League of Women Voters will wrangle the candidates. Me, I'm just the shmo who makes the intro speech and runs the stopwatch. That's not hard, right? Unless I hit the wrong button on the stopwatch.

Today I had reporters calling me. Really. Reporters?!? 

But despite all that (the event is tonight at 7pm), I  sat down here to write about something completely different. Something good. Something happy.

Snuggler got mail today, and she is IN to her first-choice selective middle school! Oh, we are doing the happy dance here! She was so certain she'd bombed the entrance exam... and she didn't!

Plus, Eldest completed her last exam of sophomore year today, and we'll pick her up this weekend.

Provided, of course, that I make it through tonight's debate. Which I will. Because that's what we do when faced with new and challenging things, right? We make it through.



  1. Congratulations to sweet Snuggler. I hope the school turns out to be worthy of that talented young girl!!!

    Our office manager has a quote on her board. It's a visual that translates into "the magic happens when we are outside of our comfort zone." You'll have a great night!

    Enjoy having your Eldest back in the brood!

  2. Praise and prayers! You go, girl!

  3. Yeah yeah yeah! Way to go, kid!

  4. oh, i'm so glad. it is a pretty great thing to get what you hope for! (um, not referring to congressional debaters...:)

  5. Hope the debate went well and congratulations to your girls for their academic successes!

  6. You'll do fine and three cheers for great things happening! God is good.