Monday, May 14, 2012

Classic conversation with an 8yo boy

Mom: I need you to unpack your pack, and put the dirty clothes in the hamper.
Son:   I already took a shower and changed clothes!
Mom: What about the dirty clothes from the other day?
Son:   I don't have any.
Mom: ?
Son:   I forgot to change clothes.
Mom: All weekend?
Son:   Yes.
Mom: Okay, well put the sunscreen and insect repellent back in the closet.
Son:   I forgot about them, too.
Mom: All right. Just brush your teeth and get ready for bed.
Son:   (pause) I lost my toothbrush!
Mom: (pause) Did you take it out of your bag while you were there?
Son:   Um, no. The tent got kind of messy and stuff was all over the floor.
Mom: Okay. Is there a spare toothbrush in the closet?
Son:   (checking) No.
Mom: Hmmm. What are you going to do? Maybe you should double-check the backpack.
Son:   But I know it's not in there!
Mom: Check anyway.

He checked, and didn't find it. And, of course, I later found the toothbrush in the main compartment of the backpack. And there was another one in the closet.

Just sayin'. In case you have an 8yo boy of your own.

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  1. Too funny---it sounds like conversations I have had (and am still having) with my now 18 yo son! Some things never change..... Just sayin' ;)