Monday, July 18, 2011

A school interview for Big Guy

Yes, we finally got a call. And today we went for an interview at a school for Big Guy. There aren't many special education schools out there that are both therapeutically and academically strong, and this one was on our short list. It's nearly an hour away (he'd take a school bus during the year), but location is almost a non-issue relative to fit. Besides, my habitual prayer on things like this is "Make it obvious, God." And if only one school calls, that's about as clear a signal as I can expect.

I could tell from Big Guy's snarliness this morning that he was anxious. So I asked, "What are you feeling?"(I want him to be able to identify his emotions himself, rather than rely on others to figure things out for him.)

He thought for a moment, then said, "I'm anxious."

"Do you know what you are anxious about?"

Another moment passed as he searched his thoughts. "Yes, the interview."
Okay, so far so good. It's always easier to deal with specifics than with vague fears. So I asked, "Have you thought about what it will be like?"
BG: No.
Me: Well, let's think about that. You know that they already think you might be a good fit for their school.
BG: I do?
Me: Yes, because they reviewed your file before they called to set up an interview. So we're starting with a positive. They don't interview if they don't think you're a good candidate.
BG: Oh.
Me: What kinds of things can you talk about at the interview?
BG: Um, nothing.
Me: Well, what are your strengths?
BG: I don't have any.
Me: Yes, you do. Let's look at the school web site and see what they say about their school, and maybe that will give you some ideas.

And we looked, and he did think of things, and we talked about how he could handle some of the questions that might come up. And when we got to the school he was articulate and did an excellent job. He liked the place, and if he gets in (we'll find out in a couple of days), we would say yes.

Then that problem would be solved. And imagine: it's only the middle of July, and school doesn't start until September! How excellent is that?!


  1. Just smiling as I read this, Julia. And praying.

  2. Here's hoping you get to say yes.

  3. It sounds like big guy did a fine job with his
    interview. I will continue to pray with you that
    he is accepted for the Fall term.