Friday, July 1, 2011


It feels a bit weird at times to see how many people read this blog (about 250 a day) and how little I know about most of you! So consider this a personal invitation to:
  1. Leave comments on posts
  2. Write to me at if you're shy or don't know how to leave comments
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  1. Julia, I have been reading Guideposts for years.
    I feel I know you and Andrew from your sharing there. I enjoy this blog. I found it after you mentioned it at the Guideposts site. Often I don't
    feel I have a right to comment. I don't have children of my own. I am a retired nurse in a small rural area of Wisconsin. I have no idea what it is like living in a big city. Your writing speaks to my heart as your write of
    your family and share your days with us. I keep you all in prayer. Mary

  2. Thanks for the invite. I live in rural Missouri, 45 minutes from the nearest Starbucks, surrounded by cornfields. So I sometimes feel I've actually visited New York when I read about your life as city dwellers. I met your husband at a writer's conference in Kansas City, and he introduced me to your blog. I'm so glad about that.

  3. How little do you know about me?

  4. Julia, I've been following you in Guideposts since you first started contributing. About 6 months ago I found this blog. I'm so happy that I did! Many times after reading a post about parenting I have wished I had read it when my children were still young! I am, however, a preschool teacher so your parenting observations are still good food for thought. I live in suburban NE Florida and on first reading the devotions that you and Andrew wrote I was fascinated at the idea of raising a family in an apartment in NYC! I still am! I hope someday to visit your city and spend time seeing all the different neighborhoods as well as the traditional tourist sights. I have two grown children and my son also suffers with mental illness, so I know your pain at the loss of "normality", and the frustrations of trying to help. I deeply appreciate your posts about that and frequently cry along with you. Thanks for sharing with us. I love both your insight and the way you communicate that insight. Know that I am one more who is praying for your family.

  5. Hi Julia, I'm a longtime Daily Guideposts reader, and as my children are 14, 12, and 10, your devotionals and Andrew's have always resonated with me. Did I find out about your blog from your bio there? Now I can't remember. I live in Atlanta but spent nine years in CT/Boston and enjoy reading about life in NYC. Mostly I enjoy when you share the lessons you've learned about parenting. You inspire me to be intentional and to follow through with whatever I'm trying to teach my kids. Thanks for writing your blog.

  6. I was overjoyed when I read about a homeschooling family in Guideposts... knew about your blog from there but it took me a couple of years to add you to my reader. Living in a large city with a granny cart etc. (although our kids do have their own rooms), my two are 19 & 17 and we live with the combo of gifted/special needs so many of your posts resonate with me.

    I've left comments before and having just skimmed neighbours laughed as I too recognize that challenge/opportunity of living life with everyone watching.

  7. My friend, who is your neighbor, I think (was she the one with two children horrified at your screaming? I don't know), gave me a link to your blog. She said she loves it and recommended it to me after... I don't remember exactly which complain, but some complain. I have two 6 month olds. I am enjoining your post!

  8. Julia, I so enjoy keeping up with your family! I've been a Guideposts reader forever. I have always lived in the country and your blog gives me a little insight into city life. I am retired and my life is very quite compared to your busy household. I do not know how you get all that you do done!