Sunday, May 1, 2011

A thought blew through...

The weather report said it would be 60 and sunny yesterday; at 9am on the soccer field it was 48, cloudy and gusty. As I huddled around my cup of tea and chatted with other parents, my mood rose and fell in inverse proportion to the wind. When the sun came out and the wind died down it was as if I were a different person on a different day. And then more clouds blew in, and the temperature -- and my spirits -- dropped again.

It was kind of amusing to observe how quickly my feelings shifted. I wondered: did cave men and women go through this? Is it an age-related thing? Does it matter which part of the country you come from? Are some people more susceptible than others to the weather?


  1. Yeah, me too. I guess the art of living is in part learning to hold on through those cloudy moments.


  2. Totally feeling the same way in another northern clime--I know how much I have to learn and grow when I look at how easily my joy is robbed when the weather is cold and dreary!