Monday, May 2, 2011

A mom's game of 20 (or more) questions

Will Dancer get into the ballet school for which she auditioned?
Why hasn't Eldest emailed me back?
Why so snarly yesterday?
When will I have time to talk to Andrew?
[Reminder to self: check up on Big Guy's high school applications]
How am I going to...?
Can we afford four more weeks of art class?
When's the best time to talk to the kids about...?
[Reminder to self: call your mom on Mother's Day]
Which week do we get paid?
When will Snuggler learn to...?
Should I relent, or stick to my guns on that?
[Reminder to self: Buy paper towels if you want the kids to wash the windows]

Do I fly to Detroit with Dancer to get her to the summer program, or have her go alone and save the money?
Did I send in the proofs for that newsletter?
What time is Snuggler's soccer game on Saturday?
Did I write down the date of...?
[Reminder to self: buy fruit]
What was it I just forgot?
[Reminder to self: recharge phone]
When was the last time I made Little Guy write in his journal?
[Reminder to self: check bank balance]
Should I buy Little Guy the supplies to make that circuit board, or not?
[Reminder to self: make kids pick up before bed]
[Reminder to self: too many carbs in the meals today]
What will I make ahead for dinner when I go visit Eldest? (Will they eat it?)
[Reminder to self: ask the super to snake the tub]
[Reminder to self: buy tiles for bathroom]
Where will Little Guy sleep if Big Guy returns home?
Where are we on kids' toothpaste?

How am I going to...?

And you? What do you ask yourself?


  1. Which grandson's game do I attend this week?
    Could we afford to fly the Wyoming grandchildren here for Cousins' Camp?
    note to self: find the lost car title
    How do I encourage our eldest to apply for graduate school?
    Will cancer come back to attack Daughter Two?
    In other words, the questions stay pretty much the same after the kids grow up. They just span two generations now.

  2. Oh my gawd I am RIGHT THERE. like, exactly.

    Reminder to Self: check bank balance
    When can I go to DMV and stand in horrible long line with miserable baby?
    REminder to Self: WORK OUT
    Who is that girl who said xyz to Dakota on Facebook? and why did she say that?
    REminder to Self: make D. walk dogs/brush dogs
    What is my work schedule for this week?
    Should I use sick days for the days I missed last week, or just get no pay?
    Reminder to Self: Call Blue Cross Anthem and answer their endless questions round three
    When can I spend alone time with Lola this week?
    Reminder to Self: buy MIL B-day gift
    What should we have for dinner tomorrow? Do I need to go to grocery?
    When is Mr. Curry off work tomorrow? Can he pick up Dakota?
    Reminder: Lola is off early tomorrow- early pickup
    When is Dakota leaving for Hawaii with his grandparents this summer?
    REminder: email T. about the weekend of 15th
    What cheap hotel should we stay in L.A. while Lola is at Disney with friends?
    Reminder: pick date for birthday dinner for my mom
    When is good time to have semi-serious talk with Mr. Curry?