Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blast it!

Today's round of chores consisted of washing the windows. Our apartment is several stories up, so windows are a bit tricky. There's the business of flipping in the recalcitrant windows (and making sure the kids don't flip themselves out), and we're still learning  the lesson that if you don't do a job well you get to do it twice. Or more. (Even I often have to do windows more than once. Those streaks are annoying.)

The one thing I haven't ever figured out is how to wash the screens. We have child guards on the lower portion of our windows, which prevent pulling the screens in. I'm not about to dangle out the upper portion of the window to scrub anything. However, we seem to be making progress in the resourcefulness department, because today Dancer and Little Guy came up with a solution:

The screens are nice and sparkly now. And the plants in the courtyard below are watered, too.

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