Monday, August 2, 2010

Walking with my daughter

Eldest and I went for a long walk last night. For the first mile or so we didn't say much. I was grateful for that; it's wearisome when everything has to be meaningful and interactive. Sometimes the quality we seek in quality time is being rather than experiencing. Comfortable silence is very much okay. Especially with your 15-year old.

Eldest told me that she realized recently she is a quirky kid. She was pleased with that. I was pleased, too; quirky is a fine label, one that allows her to be true to herself and yet accommodate her various interests. One thing I appreciate about Eldest is that she has interests. She likes roller coasters and Facebook, but she also reads, writes, makes her siblings laugh, draws a bit. and has spent an hour or more each day this summer doing math. She thinks. I value that in anyone, and especially in my daughter.