Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kid Drama

Little Guy put on a puppet show today. It was a Star Trek feature, with paper bag puppets "that were re-mastered" (he colored in the clothing). He set up chairs in the living room, with place cards and a personal bag of popcorn for each of us. Little Guy's bag was labelled 'Staff'.

The drama was called "The Shimmering Veil". One scene went something like this:
Kirk: Mwahhhhaaahhhaaahhhaaaa!
Romulan: Hey, I was supposed to be the one with the evil laugh!

Another scene:
McCoy: WHAT is it?
Kirk: That Romulan's face is blue!
McCoy: No it isn't!
Kirk: Yes it is!
McCoy: Well, whoop-de-do!

The plot development was a little thin, but there was a story line. The ad breaks were amusing. And what's parenting without an endless supply of kid-produced shows? 

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