Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Snuggler and Little Guy are at a half-day camp this week, where they do an hour each of art, yoga, and cooking. We've adopted one of Snuggler's best friends for the duration. Yesterday afternoon after we arrived home the girls convinced me to take them to the 99-cent store to buy knockoff Barbies. They wanted to mummify them. This is a favorite activity around here; if your kids get into it, find the Aliki book Mummies Made in Egypt to learn all the steps.

Since made-in-China plastic doesn't decay for centuries, technique didn't matter as much as, say, the time we mummified a real chicken. That took weeks, and several pounds of salt. Yesterday's activity was based on the project in Snuggler's Book of Artrageous Projects, and involved cheap makeup and stick-on jewels and toilet paper and masking tape and shoe boxes. Today they unwrapped the mummies and -- lo and behold! -- the dolls were perfectly preserved!

Tomorrow we're unwrapping some of the Big Guy crisis, and it's making Andrew and me feel rather ancient and dried out. If you could encircle us in your thoughts and prayers, we would appreciate it.

Photo from the ApplesandJammies blog.

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  1. You made a chicken mummy? Do you still have it? I mean, they last for a long long long time, right?

    And, on that thoughts thing? You are always in my thoughts, especially of late.