Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bubble tea

We headed to Chinatown today. Didn't mind getting stuck in the slow subway en route, because it's air conditioned (our home is not), and we even had seats. Staggered to our favorite Chinese grocery store and bought silly-shaped Japanese cookies and Lichee gummies to send to Dancer at camp. Bought scads of Dim Sum Bo Nay to turn into iced tea at home, and since I'd remembered to bring the insulated bag we even bought frozen potstickers and buns with bean paste inside. One of my closest friends from my college days is Chinese, and I can never thank her enough for dragging me into shops in Boston's Chinatown and teaching me what to eat and buy.

We tried a new restaurant for lunch, and it was so-so. Then we stopped for bubble tea just before getting back on the subway. Eldest had tried it before, but it was new to the others. I wasn't surprised that Little Guy preferred the tea to the tapioca; he'd rather add texture to life than experience it himself! As we rode home on the train, Eldest commented, "At first I didn't really like the tapioca. But then I realized I liked the tea so much that I'd drink it up too fast, and stopping to chew the tapioca slowed me down. So then I got used to that, and now I like it."

Now isn't that a great analogy for busy lives? Find the tapioca equivalent that forces you to chew and savor. Slow down. Enjoy.

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