Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Other-shoe days

Little Guy and Snuggler are in a half-day camp this week, and I've been enjoying three hours of solitude each afternoon. I bring along my laptop, plop myself in a cafe, and get scads of work done. I even have time for a 10-minute phone call to Andrew to see how he's doing.

Today, though, I had that other-shoe's-about-to-drop feeling all day long. (Heavens know what happened to the first shoe. I probably left it on the dining room table, along with the after-camp snack.)

Objectively speaking, nothing awful happened today. There were bits and pieces of news (good and bad), and some minor frustrations. An errant electric guitar squalled its way into my path, and the sound yanked the myelin off my nerve cells. The kids were tired and bickered on the way home. Everything I said felt like it came out wrong. Everything I did seemed to be just slightly 'off'. Andrew didn't come home until 8:30, and after he ate he threw up.

But that doesn't add up to a shoe about to drop.Which mean, ladies and gents, that whatever was wrong with my world today came from inside me. Now how annoying is that?!?

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