Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mixed feelings

Eldest was confirmed last night. The church was hot and packed with people, the bishop was funny, three of Eldest's homeschooled friends made the trek, a friend came along. Andrew arrived directly from the hospital, having brought Big Guy a piece of cake and a book to read. I (miraculously) remembered to bring a camera. We're always rather low on landmarks-of-passage documentation around here, since my brain cells labeled 'photographic equipment' seem to have atrophied.

Snuggler snatched the camera when she realized I didn't know how to adjust it to night lighting. It make me wonder how people survive in this technological age if they don't have kids. She took two shots that were pretty good. I like this one, particularly. It sort of sums up the yesterday, with its mix of intense emotions on both ends.

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  1. That is an excellent and loaded expression on his face.