Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Book

Hurrah! Ten days ago I signed a contract to compile and edit a new book for Guideposts. It's a collection of daily devotional readings for new mothers, due out in 2011.

The challenges: to find the writers; edit 366+ pieces; figure out how to put them together into a compelling and interesting book; write 26 pieces of my own; write the flap copy, introduction and incidental blurbs; and deliver it by November 5. Six months, start to finish. Oh, and did I mention I've never done anything like this before?

Doing something new is exciting, with a slight undertow of nervous. Today I'm giving a nod to the willies (yes, they're lurking in a corner!) and turning to focus fully on what needs to be done. The real challenge will be juggling the work with everything else in my life. That is something I refuse to dwell on, because it's like a crossword puzzle clue that's beyond my ken. 

Wish me luck!