Monday, May 3, 2010


In the menu of life, sometimes you don't get to choose between good and bad. Sometimes all you get is to decide which is the least worst thing to do. Sometimes things are so bad that a 'take one day at a time' strategy seems ludicrous; one hour, or even one task at a time is almost superhuman.

Big Guy is in the hospital tonight. His depression and anxiety were bigger than his willpower could overcome. We're looking at an inpatient stay for a while, until his meds are adjusted and he's stable again. I'm choosing to lean on my faith, to stay as much on track as possible, to stay aware of my other kids' needs and try to meet them.

I'm choosing to love my son every day of his life. There's a lot I can't do to help him, but this is one thing I can do.


  1. My thoughts are with you and the kids. And as usual, I'm awed and inspired by your honesty and wisdom.

  2. You are a good and wise mama. Much luck and a swift return to stability to your Big Guy.