Saturday, March 6, 2010


Little Guy was given some money at Christmas, which he has spent thoughtfully. Among his purchases are:

four colors of duct tape, a package of birthday hats,
and some twine from the 99-cent store

 300 yards of aluminum foil from Costco

a stuffed platypus with magnetic feet

a dynamo, so that he's not forever running out of batteries when he needs a flashlight

a dozen stuffed mini monsters, kind of like Ugli dolls (still
waiting impatiently for the shipment, but we've gotten some
geography done as we trace the path of the box on the FedEx site)

a small Playmobil submarine

a tie, because he likes to be natty...

and this tent...

The Am-I-a-Martyr question of the hour is, if you lived with seven people and 6,000 books in a 1200 square foot apartment, how long would YOU allow the tent to remain up?

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