Monday, February 1, 2010


There was much excitement here this afternoon, as both the new science kits and the K'nex MotoBots for Little Guy arrived. I must say, the MotoBots are pretty cool. It took Little Guy and Snuggler a solid 90 minutes to put the first one together, though we still have to add the arms.

Tonight Little Guy simply couldn't stand the idea that he'd have to wait until tomorrow to start his volcano kit. We've done the usual baking soda and vinegar explosions many times; this is a kit with far more detail about the different kinds of volcanoes, and it includes a plastic model with several imitations of real-life volcanoes (Mount St. Helens, Mauna Loa, Santorini, etc.). There's a page with suggestions of which colors to put where. Little Guy didn't like any of those ideas, and had his own. He didn't want greenery anywhere ("Why do I have to put in plant life?") and after fending off a few gentle ideas from Snuggler and me he put on a weary look and sighed, "Mom, I just want to stretch my creative expression!"

So... he's stretching away.

P.S. He later decided that greenery was a good idea after all. I noted, "You have many types of green here." He replied, "Hues, Mom. Hues."

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  1. I am waiting for warmer weather to try this:

    Because I don't think I want to do it inside...