Thursday, January 7, 2010

What to do on a Thursday afternoon...

I had to take it easy today, after a rough night of coughing. The kids meandered in and out of schoolwork, played Plants vs. Zombies for a while, and drooped about. I'm pretty sure math got done, and there was a long round of handwriting when they suddenly became interested in copying over sentences on fancy paper. Dancer finished the Abigail Adams biography by Natalie Bober.

Around 4:30 Little Guy came in needing something to do (besides clean his room, which is always the first thing I suggest). "Please, Mama, can we use the dissecting kit?"

Yes, I have preserved body parts in my room. Not human parts, but a variety of other things. A good friend sent her kids to school this year, and donated some science supplies to us. Among them were a good quality dissecting tray and tools, and numerous things to dissect.

Little Guy and Snuggler did not get to use the scalpel, but they had a fine time finding parts on the frog. It helps that Little Guy received an anatomy game called SomeBody for Christmas. He was very interested in locating the gall bladder, and wrote up his scientific notes on yellow paper ("We thingk it is a gurl.") I was impressed with how far preserving technology has come; there was no real smell at all.

We finished up just before Big Guy came home, which was a good thing. Big Guy gets queasy about things like blood and guts and dissecting. Too bad.


  1. you have too much fun. i loved dissecting, but didn't get to do it until high school.

  2. Do you remember when I took Comparative Anatomy in college? I singlehandedly solved the refrigerator-theft problem on the second floor when I stored a half-dissected critter there. That was one of my favorite classes (though for some odd reason I was the only non-pre-med student in it).

  3. This makes me remember when my Mom went to the local beef packing company and got cow eyeballs for us to disect. It was truly one of the most interesting things I have ever done. Trauma bonding helped me remember every detail about the eye. :)