Sunday, January 17, 2010


Health:       Yesterday I had my first outing in nearly two weeks. I took Snuggler to a lovely Colonial tea party at a historic house nearby, and after the exertion of sitting for three hours came home and went to bed. Not sure if that counts as progress or not!

House:        Entropy rules. Little Guy bought a Star Wars tent at Target yesterday, and he's encamped in the living room next to the enormous wagon of laundry that's been sitting there for three days.

Heart:          One reason I haven't been posting is that I have no words for what's happened in Haiti. No one around here had better whine That's not fair! for a long time. Talk about not fair...

Healing:       Little Grace' surgery went well (though they still don't know if it was successful). Her Brother Ben had his 18th surgery on Friday, this one to implant a hearing aid, and that went well.

Hope:           A number of friends, without being asked, have brought meals over this week. This tells me there's something right in the world, too.

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