Friday, January 1, 2010

Odds and ends

Someone forwarded this backstage photo (a no-no!) from Nutcracker. Dancer's the tall Russian. Last year she was one of the girls in the brown silk dresses. Next year she'll probably be too tall to be in the party scene.

Little Guy received an Electronic Snap Circuits set for Christmas from his grandparents. We had the same set when Big Guy was younger, and it was used for years upon years. Little Guy spent an entire day building alarms and fans and various contraptions... and he still has about 268 experiments to go! Definitely a winner.

Another winner, but for older kids. Big Guy received it, but Andrew and Dancer like it, too. Every time they finish a game I hear someone exclaim, "That's a really good game!" (I don't do board games, except for Scrabble. This is a card game, but with a board-like feel to it.)

I have two deadlines for Monday, so I've got to get busy. Back to real life, I guess! Wishing you and yours a very happy New Year...

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  1. Happy New Year, you!
    (Cool looking games. We got a card game called Rat-A-Tat Cat, which includes secret spy glasses that let you read the back of the card to find out what's on the other side.)