Thursday, September 10, 2009


One of the things I do when I can't sleep is pray. I choose someone on my near-infinite list, then say a simple prayer, something like the Lord's Prayer. I don't attempt anything original when I'm tired, because I get too easily distracted. A simple prayer gives me a place to start again (repeatedly).

Usually, this is effective at combating insomnia. My suspicion is it's the devil's work: he'd rather have me sleeping than praying! But last night I had the unusual experience of making it to the end of my list of petitions and intercessions.

I prayed for my friend Judith, whose husband Terry had a brain injury a year ago. I prayed for their three children. I prayed for a friend/acquaintance who is going through a stressful arbitration proceeding. I prayed for someone I knew years ago, the mere mention of whose name still irritates me. I prayed for a friend whose son is going through difficult times. And so on.

Last week when I'd asked Little Guy what he wanted to do on his special day as a temporarily only child, he asked to do science experiments all day. Fortunately we're a couple of packets behind on his Young Scientist Club kits, so I didn't have to collect materials or think of what to do.

After a series of experiments on air, Little GUy disappeared for a while and came back with this idea for how to clean the floor...

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