Monday, September 21, 2009

Miracle League

I tried to upload a video last night, but it didn't work, so I'll have to stick with photos.

On Saturday we went to see Cousin Hannah play baseball. Hannah plays in the Miracle League, which is a pretty amazing collection of kids with a pretty amazing set of disabilities. There were children on Hannah's team with cerebral palsy, with Down Syndrome, and with rare disorders. One girl is blind and plays with a 'beeper ball', but she wasn't there when we were.

In the Miracle League every child on the team gets a chance at bat. There are no outs; you swing until you hit the ball, then take one base. Everyone gets to run (or wheel their way) home. Everyone has a buddy to help out. There was a real announcer, and there were real baseball shirts and caps. The game's over after two innings.

It was a great game.

Afterwards, Dancer and her cousin did a victory dance (which was what was in the video I can't upload). The field in the background is covered with a carpet-like surface, specially designed to help the kids.

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